The Devastating Effects of Hormone Imbalance

Hormone imbalance is a true epidemic in our country. The average American female and male over 35 years of age suffers from some form of hormonal imbalance. With the poor diet, stressful lifestyles and declining popularity of physical exercise, more and more young men and women are developing hormonal imbalances. The effects of such imbalances increases as we age and become more devastating and harder to treat the longer they go on and the worse they become. Because most of the symptoms come on gradually, it is difficult to figure out initially, until the problems become more pronounced and the hormones become even more imbalanced.

It becomes a vicious cycle that slowly robs you of your energy, your vitality and your life and lifestyle. It also robs your loved ones of their lifestyle. Unless properly diagnosed and evaluated, proper recovery is very difficult to achieve. This is where a properly trained healthcare professional is so important. You will require a doctor who is up to date on hormonal function and can discover “subclinical” hormone imbalances, not just “diseased” glands or organs.

Often times it is the simplest of signs that indicate hormone imbalance, but these signs are blamed on other factors. Some of the initial symptoms include:

   Fatigue not relieved by rest

   Tired all the time/no energy

   Difficulty getting up in the morning

   Poor sleep

   Craving for salty or sugary foods

   It takes more effort to perform every day tasks and duties

   Decreased sex drive

   Decreased ability to handle stress

   Increased time to recover from illness or injury

   Light headed when standing up quickly


   Lack of enjoyment or happiness

   Weight gain/loss

   Excessive allergies


   Digestive disorders

   Dry and thin skin

   Excessive hunger

   Hair loss

   Unexplained headaches

   Immune deficiencies

   Inability to concentrate

   Chronic pain


   Blood pressure problems

   Low body temperature

   Hot flashes

   Night sweats

   Mood swings

   Poor memory


   Sleep disorders

   Tender breasts


   Difficulty building muscle


   Fluid retention

   Slow metabolism


   Chronic illness

   And more and more and more

Various clinical conditions are the direct result of hormone imbalance that, in most cases, can be completely preventable. Such conditions include:

   Chronic viral infections (EBV, Herpes, etc.)

   Yeast overgrowth


   Chronic fatigue syndrome


   Autoimmune disease


   Cardiovascular disease



   Type II diabetes



   Irritable bowel disease

   Celiac disease

   And more and more and more

Quite simply, hormones affect body function.

Hormone imbalances affect body functions in a detrimental way. The more hormones and systems involved and the longer the time that the imbalances have been present, the more symptoms will devastate your life.

This isn’t how the story ends, however; there is hope! Hormone imbalances can be corrected by taking the correct action steps and supplying the body with what it requires to heal – This first requires the correct testing to determine what the TRUE cause of your problem is.

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