Autoimmune Disease


Thirty to Forty years ago, it was an extremely rare occurrence to meet someone diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. In today’s world, it seems like we all knows at least one person that’s been diagnosed with one of these chronic conditions; perhaps it’s yourself. To make matters worse, most autoimmune patients have never been diagnosed and are unaware that the cause of their health problems is related to auto-immunity.

From Lupus, to Crohn’s disease, to Rheumatoid arthritis, to Hypothyroid disease; North America is experiencing a surge of autoimmune diseases unlike anything seen in history. Like most of the chronic diseases we see exploding off the charts today, autoimmune disease can often be traced back to prolonged cellular inflammation.

Inflammation is a natural process that is supposed to happen when our body is injured or distressed (like when you sprain your ankle). At the cellular level, inflammation occurs to alert the immune system that there is a problem with a particular set of cells or tissues. It is our body’s way of “calling in reinforcements” (typically white-blood cells), to attack invading microorganisms such as foreign bacteria and viruses.

Under normal circumstances, this is supposed to happen short-term. Meaning, once the interference has been removed, the inflammation should subside and everything returns to normal. The reason why so many Americans suffer from autoimmune conditions today is because of growing prevalence of Chronic Inflammation. Most individuals with chronic inflammatory conditions have one or often times more auto-immune processes going on.

You see, when inflammation becomes chronic due to the standard American lifestyle, toxin accumulation or a combination of the two, cellular inflammation is continuous and leads to a sustained immune response against the body, itself. Whatever tissues remain chronically inflamed are then viewed by the immune system as foreign and are under constant attack by the immune system; leading to a dysfunction in the body.

Studies have shown that those who test positive for one auto-immune condition will likely test positive for others as well.  It is also well established in the literature (although not widely known) that these auto-antibodies can be raised for many years and even decades before symptoms arise.

By the time these individuals discover they have a problem the areas have often been so beaten down by the immune reaction that it is a very long road to health and healing.

Common medical intervention involves administering a series of immunosuppressant drugs to keep the immune system functioning at a lowered state. While this may create short-term symptom relief, it certainly does not correct the problem. Furthermore, it can actually make the patient more susceptible to illness because the immune system is now lowered; causing a weakened response to foreign, invading microorganisms.

To stop this persistent immune response by the body and restore normal function, the chronic inflammation must be stopped. This only comes from getting to the CAUSE of the inflammation, and removing the source.

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